Remember the design, remember the brand

Building brand equity as a company can be a slow and challenging process, but once achieved the company can become a household name which increases public interest, expectation and profit.  

One company who has had incredible success with luxury branding is the British retailer Marks and Spencers. The consistency of their great quality products combined with their carefully crafted advertising campaigns has meant instant recognition in the UK, ultimately cementing their position as a luxury retailer.

361 Degrees Branding

With 30 years’ experience in the mechanical services industry, 361 Degrees has developed a style in design and workmanship which has been thoroughly consistent. Each project is another example of building our brand image. By using experienced engineers and leading industry suppliers, we aim to deliver the very best designs in the business. And by doing so we strive to be peoples ‘first choice’ when looking for a heating and air conditioning installation.

“Design is the silent Ambassador of your brand”

Paul Rand – American Art Director and Graphic Designer

This quote identifies the importance of a company’s brand and the effect the work of the company has on its reputation. Evidence of your success stories are vital for marketing purposes and building brand character, and by doing so people are able to relate to the company and be more inclined to use it.

Cineflix Productions

Our project for the film makers at Cineflix Productions was un-like any other we had produced before. This was a great example for our engineers to not only show the skill and knowledge of mechanical engineering but also show the beauty behind a heavily designed air conditioning system.

Featuring exposed ductwork meant the design had to coordinate with the office décor. This was a great opportunity for 361 Degrees to advertise its work and increase company exposure. By appreciating the design, you want to know who created it which increases brand awareness. This recognition is priceless and it’s the brand image we hope to keep in the mechanical services industry.

See here for our design at Cineflix Productions.

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