Mitsubishi Electric launch new air/water cooled chillers.

Hatfield based air conditioning manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric have launched their new e-series and NX range of modular chillers. 

Chilled water systems are used in large office areas as the temperature can be controlled better than with refrigerant based systems. 

Big Savings through NX range

For the right client, usually larger, multi-floor buildings, water chilled systems can provide massive savings compared to Split Direct Expansion (Split DX) or Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF/VRV.) 

Mitsubishi Electric describe their NX range as “a new generation of water chiller designed for comfort and process cooling, that is fully customisable and suitable for a wide range of applications.”

The range includes full-aluminium coil, fan speed management and Multi–circuit shell, and tube heat exchangers designed and built by Climaveneta are available alongside their plate heat exchangers.

New E-series' unique modular approach

Their E series is highly efficient and uses technology found in Mitsubishi Electric’s other products, including their City Multi VRF units. The E Series’ unique modular approach means that up to six units can be connected together to provide a system capacity of 90kW to 540kW.

The smaller footprint of the E series allows 361 Degrees to install water chilled systems in more challenging environments and on a wider range of projects.

361 Degrees

As a Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partner, 361 Degrees can provide superior design and management. We can also leverage our long-term relationship with Mitsubishi Electric to make projects that require a water chilled system more cost effective. Be our next success story by filling in the form below.


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