New Paper Mill Studios air conditioning demonstrates the importance of the right angles

Designing a system that fits with the space is important, especially when you have Victorian features. Our workshop helped us get the perfect angles and deliver a project that stands out.
— Ian Morren - Technical Consultant 361 Degrees

Last year 361 Degrees designed and installed equipment into Paper Mill Studios in London. The full story can be found here. Recently we returned to the studios to provide further air conditioning improvements to a different part of the building.

As with our previous installation we worked with Mitsubishi Electric to find the perfect solution for the space; a space which as unusual due to period roof and exposed brickwork. This meant that designer and 361 Degrees Technical Consultant Ian Morren had to show all his working.

"A project like 361 Degrees that has exposed brickwork poses several challenges. The main one is that its very difficult to hide the design elements that can sometimes be messy and awkward, meaning good design is paramount. An angled roof also creates challenges. As a designer I always like to make a feature of the air conditioning or ventilation and with an open roof you have nowhere to hide. I love this kind of challenge. 

It's also important that it's installed correctly and I always trust our engineers and installation specialists to deliver my designs; and in this case they duly delivered."

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