All talk of decreasing carbon emissions but what about nitrogen oxides?

For the majority of people, their knowledge extends to the thought that the main culprit of air pollution lies with harmful carbon emissions. There is now a strong case being built for nitrogen oxides (NOx) causing serious health concern.

This year marked the 60th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, which has put gas emissions in the UK under much scrutiny. Worrying reports highlighted that many of our large cities are exceeding pollution levels in accordance to World Health Organisation guidelines, ultimately exposing inhabitants to serious health risks.


According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), pollution from nitrogen oxide gas causes 23,500 premature deaths a year in the UK. It has been proven that vehicle exhausts are the major emitter of nitrogen oxide, with a strong second coming from big building energy users.

The Committee on Climate Change had reported that buildings are responsible for 18% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. From all services attributed to a building structure, heating is the largest, accounting for up to half of its total energy consumption and associated emissions. With this being said, energy efficient heating is a priority to building occupants when looking for a new building space as there are financial and environmental benefits.


The heating and ventilation industry have many products to offer in terms of limiting financial and environmental impact. These consist of modern boiler technology to renewable and low carbon solutions, including heat pumps and combined heat and power units.

The most practical, cost effective solution with low NOx emissions, would be a condensing boiler. This is a popular option for both old and new buildings, mainly because they are light, more compact and easy to install. On top of that they are highly efficient, achieving gross efficiencies of approximately 98% and comply fully with energy efficient regulations.

A degree further

361 Degrees have supplied heating and air conditioning for large  buildings for many years. We have a strong knowledge of what labour and supplies we need on site to get the installation commissioned correctly and efficiently. Our relationships with leading industry suppliers enable us to supply the right equipment needed for the job.

Having a partner like Remeha, a boiler manufacturer, in business is a strong asset for us. We have used their excellent range of condensing boilers for many of our large projects. This is because their products are one of the best engineered low NOx emission systems in the industry, which supports the drive for cleaner air. By working together, we supply energy efficient solutions which limit environmental damage and decrease the end users running costs. 

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