UK Government funds £320m to support district heating scheme

This year we have seen several reports published by reputable bodies criticising the UK government and its efforts to meeting energy targets. Up until now heat pumps, solar panels and the renewable heat incentive have been the main focus for decreasing the country’s energy consumption.

This being said, the Government have announced this week that it will release £39 million of its £320 million fund to support district heating networks across the UK. This first instalment will supply low carbon heat and recycled heat to various towns and cities.

Announced as ‘central heating for cities’, this funding will have a huge impact on district heat technology, which will help reduce heating costs with some cases by more than 30%. Many places like the London Underground, factories and power stations are all sources which produce waste heat. This can be recycled and tunnelled through underground pipes to heat homes and businesses.

Baroness Neville-Rolfe, who is the Minister of State for Energy, said:

“The new scheme will help us to develop viable reforms to make the most of the heat we produce and use it effectively to bring bills down for people across the country.”

Denmark has had huge success with district heating, so much so that the UK have used their standards when engineering district heating systems here. The remainder of the £320 million fund is due to be released over the next 5 years and the Government shall be introducing other efforts to decrease energy consumption.

As a heating and ventilation company, 361 Degrees look forward to seeing the new measures being introduced by the Government. Especially the district heating scheme as we specialise in maximising district energy efficiency. This funding will help increase district heating networks and in turn will increase the need for specialised engineers.

To see an example of a successful district heating system in the UK, click here.

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