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361 Degrees regularly works with Daikin to make sure that the systems we design are perfectly suited to their environment, and provide the ultimate in comfort for our clients. 361 Degrees provides a complete service from initial survey and design to commissioning and servicing. 361 Degrees are a D1 business partner and through these projects we regularly use Daikin’s expertise and equipment.

Daikin D1 Partnership

361 Degrees is part of the D1 Partner Network of highly skilled independent companies who work closely with Daikin UK to deliver the best possible system for their clients.

D1 Partners are selected by Daikin UK for their high standards of installation and expertise and awarded ‘Approved Installer Status’. Recognition of D1 Partner status provides the end user with peace of mind that the installer is publicly endorsed and supported by Daikin UK.

A close relationship means that 361 Degrees can get the best price on Split, SkyAir and VRV systems, as well as all air conditioning and ventilation accessories.

Daikin Profile

Daikin is one of the world’s largest suppliers of air conditioning, ventilation and energy controls with sales amounting to £11 billion globally. Sold in 145 countries it was founded in 1924.

In 1982, Daikin launched the VRV air conditioning system. These units had the world’s first variable refrigerant flow control. VRV enables independent climate control of each room or area using a minimum amount of refrigerant and using just one system.

They have a wide range of products that allow 361 Degrees to meet any challenge, including: heat pumps, SkyAir, VRV, ventilation, control systems, water and air cooled chillers, as well as a range of filters and equipment.

Daikin devote themselves to overcoming the challenges of climate control through their unique, cutting-edge systems. They deliver products and system solutions that create sustainable and comfortable work environments across the globe.

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