361 Degrees Partner Profile: Mitsubishi Electric

As an air conditioning, heating, ventilation and energy control contractor we regularly use Mitsubishi Electric as part of our designs.

361 Degrees designs, installs and services a range of different HVAC systems including single split, multiple-split, VRF, heat recovery, heat pump and quite often a combination of these, depending on the situation.

The flexibility of Mitsubishi Electric products allows us to deliver the best possible HVAC design for our clients, making sure they have the perfect working environment for their staff. Studies have shown that a well-ventilated and climate controlled environment can lead to increased productivity, improved staff retention and reduced business costs.

Due to our close relationship with Mitsubishi Electric we are a Business Solutions Partner. This means that all of our Mitsubishi Electric installed products comes at the fairest price and with a 7 year warranty.


“Founded in 1921, Mitsubishi Electric offers advanced HVAC units and systems that can make a world of difference.

In the UK, the Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems Division provides pioneering solutions that heat, ventilate and cool our buildings in some of the most energy efficient ways possible.

Air conditioning can control the internal environment of any building, large or small, to provide cooling and heating from the same system. Modern air conditioning systems offer more than double the efficiency levels of 10-15 year old systems and can be more efficient than traditional methods of cooling and heating buildings, resulting in reduced running costs and lower carbon emissions.

As market leaders, Mitsubishi Electric believe that global climate challenges need local solutions. 361 Degrees alongside Mitsubishi Electric help individuals and businesses reduce the energy consumption of their buildings and their running costs through well-designed and well-engineered HVAC systems.

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