In the digital age, recommendation is key. 361 Degrees believes the key to good recommendations and quality work is delivering consistency in all our heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects.

361 Degrees have signed up with independent customer satisfaction company Feefo to provide customers new and old the confidence they need to work with us.

Thousands of brands trust Feefo to independently collect reviews from their customers and 361 Degrees are one of them:

“We believe that only authentic reviews are worth collecting: Since 2010, Feefo have advocated transparency and trust in reviews. Now over 2,500 have come to rely on the power of the Feefo platform.

At 361 Degrees we deliver an exceptional servicing and maintenance experience, from the office to on site, our specialist staff go a degree further for every customer. We know this because of our customer feedback, run by the independent company Feefo, features many comments from our servicing and maintenance customers. 

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