Effective ventilation is critical to a good workout experience. A good gym should motivate and inspire, providing an environment that rivals the open air. When designs fall short, stale air or the uncomfortable feeling of wind blowing around from a badly conceived air conditioning system can easily put customers off returning to the gym. 

Leo Gym in Marlow is a state-of-the-art space for beginners and experienced athletes alike. The team needed an air conditioning and ventilation system that matched the environment they were creating, so they came to 361 Degrees for design and installation.


The Leo Gym team’s original proposal was for a VRF system, but after visiting the site and assessing the 2,200 sq ft gym area we found a split unit approach would be more effective. This allowed us to make use of the long, thin building’s external walls for pipe runs. 

An impressive domed roof allowed for the use of exposed ductwork, which we were able to match to the aesthetic of the modern, vibrant space.


One of the Leo Gym team’s main reasons for choosing 361 Degrees was our reputation for working effectively with and around other tradespeople. In addition to the first-floor gym, the ground floor was equipped with changing rooms and a yoga studio. 

Our proactive project managers were able to solve any problems as they arose, while scheduling work around electricians and other contractors to ensure a smooth installation across both floors. The result is a stunning environment that motivates and energises every customer.

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