Project value: £120,000

The London headquarters of Locality gave the HVAC installation team at 361 Degrees an opportunity to work on several types of system at once, thanks to the unique layout of the building. We installed air conditioning and ventilation systems on all three floors, each of which required a different approach.

On the ground floor, high ceilings showcase exposed ductwork, with aluminium cladding to create a clean and striking finish. A meeting pod with a suspended ceiling needed separate controls to create the optimum environment, so it has its own air conditioning unit.

The first floor’s suspended ceiling allowed for a more traditional installation. The outdoor condenser units are overlooked by surrounding buildings, so the 361 Degrees team built a steel frame enclosure.

On the second floor, the original plan called for a suspended ceiling. However, the natural light offered by an existing skylight was too good to lose, so we created new designs to incorporate exposed ductwork and preserve the effect.

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