Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise in the UK, thanks to its ability to help improve fitness, bone strength and muscle tone. Sweat Studios in Milton Keynes turns up the heat in the form of hot yoga, where high temperatures enhance the calorie-burning effects and help with detoxification.

Achieving those high temperatures in the most efficient way possible takes some intelligent design, so a team from 361 Consulting assessed the studio and came up with an idea for a ‘sock’ to evenly distribute the hot air. As you can see in the pictures below, the fixture spans the width of the studio, ensuring every customer benefits from the appropriate level of heat and achieves the best possible workout.

361 Degrees engineers installed a cassette unit to raise the temperature to 30 degrees C, along with a specialist heater to lift it further according to the needs of each class. A specialist heat recovery ventilation system not only extracts moisture from the air, but also returns the warm air to other areas of the building.

The solution is much more efficient than on many similar premises, because the heat generated in the studio is preserved for the air conditioning system we installed for the reception and common areas. Sweat Studios can therefore provide a comfortable and inspiring space for its customers, before, during and after every workout.

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