This Letchworth based Mechanical Services project required two separate systems; one for the newly built offices contained within the building, and another to heat the large warehouses. 

Our technical consultants came up with a plan that was cost effective and used several different technologies to create the ideal climate throughout the building.


After consultation with the clients and the fit-out contractor a design was approved to install Daikin VRF and Split DX air conditioning and ventilation systems to the new build office areas below the mezzanine and to reconfigure the existing HVAC layouts to suit the incoming tenant’s requirements to the first floor.

The Daikin VRF heating/cooling air conditioning systems installed provide simultaneous heat recovery, heating and cooling with extremely high SEER/SCOP seasonal efficiencies. The heat recovery VRF systems recover surplus heat and distribute the heat energy where required. This can achieve savings of up to 30% over conventional systems.


As a large space, this part of the project required us to work closely with our manufacturers to come up with a fabric duct air system for the area. This uses perforations in the duct that are positioned to provide an even distribution of warm air throughout the warehouses. 

This air distribution system is quick and easy to install, reliable, and inexpensive in operation. Air is introduced into the duct and forced out of the nozzles at high speed, creating a negative pressure zone. This in turn, draws in surrounding air and re-circulating "free heat" from lighting and heat that has risen to the roof space which would normally be wasted.

The final result is evenly distributed heat at low air velocities and low noise levels, eliminating excess heat stratification and the need for air re-circulation fans.

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