Poplars Garden Centre, situated in Toddington is the perfect place for the green fingered locals. Known for being an independent and family run business, the garden centre underwent big changes during the summer of 2015, including an air conditioning installation by 361 Degrees.

With work already started on enlarging their canteen, plans were made to improve their noisy and low ceilinged heating and ventilation system. Their original system had become somewhat of a nuisance due to its loud ventilation and health risks imposed on its staff and customers.

Green Degree

By undergoing regular audits, Poplars continually maintain high standards in their establishment and they didn’t differ when choosing a mechanical services supplier to install a brand new heating and ventilation system. 

By enlisting 361 Degrees, our technical consultants were able to use leading industry supplier Reznor to offer three options for them to choose from:

1)    A suspended gas fired unit heater
2)    A fabric duct air induction system
3)    A powder coated duct system which offered precise and simple control, providing excellent indoor quality and optimum energy efficiency

After much consideration the garden centre opted for option 3. This was due to the extra energy efficiency and the overall look of the ducting. 361 Degrees quickly went to work on installing the Reznor 125kw IDF unit, featuring exposed ductwork, which Poplars specified it be painted white to coordinate with the décor of the garden centre.

The discrete design offered maximum energy efficiency, with zero noise disruption to the business.

Their design further cements the ever growing trend of exposed ductwork taking over the heating and ventilation industry.  361 Degrees are happy we could assist with their refurbishment and hope to work on many more projects which highlight the beauty of mechanical engineering. 

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