The Right Conditions

Our environment affects everything we do. Every decision, every action, every day. Under the right conditions people are creative and productive. Happy. Under the wrong conditions they hesitate and make mistakes.

The fresh air, natural light and relaxed atmosphere of the great outdoors energises us, pushes us to be better and to do great things. But more often than not, indoor environments stifle that energy and creativity.

A Better Way

At 361 Consulting, we believe in a better way. We believe building services should support good decisions and productive actions, every minute of every day. We create working environments that help people excel, because that’s the path to success for every business.

Rewarding Investment

Creating the right conditions is not easy, but better air quality and thermal comfort can improve productivity by up to 10%. They prevent absenteeism and reduce mistakes by 44%. Quality building services, with systems designed specifically for your people, are not a luxury investment. To truly set your business apart, they’re a necessity.

No Shortcuts

We believe people excel under the right conditions, and we believe we can help you succeed. No shortcuts, no templates, no unrealistic promises. Just experienced consultants who understand energy efficiency, thermal loads, occupant comfort levels and everything else we need to design the perfect environment for the people who occupy your building. Better conditions, happier occupants, bigger returns.

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