Our Technical Consultants have over 35 years of experience in surveying, designing, installing, commissioning and servicing industrial mechanical services and will meet with you to discuss your needs and then deliver a project that exceeds your expectations.
— Douglas Ford - 361 Degrees Technical Consultant

Warehouses, manufacturing plants, factories and production facilities require specialist industrial mechanical services. Individually designed and installed air conditioning, heating and most importantly ventilation systems are required to meet the challenges of these areas. We aim to provide your business with the best industrial HVAC solutions that are not only tailored to your business, but also cost effective.

Minimum impact on your business

361 Degrees has the expertise to meet your needs. Striving to provide quality industrial HVAC solutions. We understand that your business can't stop when one of your mechanical systems or services needs an upgrade. We work with you to make sure that our schedule has minimal impact on your business. And because everything we do is in house, we can consult, survey, design and install full systems that are perfectly adapted to your commercial HVAC needs. 

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Systems 
  • Industrial Ventilation Systems 
  • Heat Extraction Systems 
  • Cleanrooms 
  • Humidity Control and process cooling 


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