Meet the Team: Jody Tait, Operations Project Assistant

Collaboration is essential to the success of a mechanical services project. At 361 Degrees, we’ve made collaboration one of our core values, because we’ve seen how much more effective we can be when we work together. Whether that’s listening to our customers and working with them to create the perfect environment, or whether it’s applying knowledge from one area of the business to improve another.

In many ways, Jody Tait is at the heart of that collaborative effort. Her work as Operations Project Assistant touches nearly aspect of the 361 Degrees process, from initial contact with customers to coordinating engineers and producing manuals at the completion of a project.

Making it easier

Jody’s past experience includes project management in a variety of industries, which often involved finding holes in processes and putting new structures and procedures in place to improve them. It was the perfect preparation for a role that demands an ability to solve problems and react to changing circumstances.

“I like making people’s lives easier, including my own,” she says. “If I can adapt something, improve it, make it easier, that makes me happy. For a customer, if you have a process that works well, with fewer mistakes and quicker turnaround times, that makes a big difference.”

The balancing act

Of course, things do not always go to plan, no matter how robust a process is, and that’s why Jody is mindful of the need to react appropriately. “On bigger jobs, there are so many variables outside your control,” she explains.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations rarely happen in isolation, so we need to work effectively with other services. If any aspect of the work is delayed this can have a knock-on effect, particularly during busy periods when engineers are fully booked, so Jody needs to be ready to adapt. “You need to see it not for what it is, but what it could be,” she says of this balancing act.

Other typical challenges include suppliers’ stock levels and coordinating activities such as crane installations with local police forces. But for Jody, anticipating problems and managing the process all comes back to collaboration. “I tend to know what’s going on with all our project managers, and I can communicate that to the teams who are scheduling projects. We keep talking to each other, which makes it all easier to manage.”

Places to thrive

In the future, Jody hopes to take 361 Degrees’ collaboration with customers and partners further, so we can help create more spaces that truly work for the people who occupy them.

“Our buildings serve a bigger purpose than just being a space for people to do their jobs. They affect our health and our happiness, so we need to make the environment an active part of what people think about,” she says. “We should ask ourselves every time: How can we create a space where people can thrive and get the best out of themselves?”

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